Thursday, June 9, 2011

Followers! Characters that are now open!

Haruhi Fujioka 

Ritsu Kasanoda
Kanako Kasugazaki
Shiro Takaoji
Ayame Jōnōchi

Benio Amakusa 
Chizuru Maihara 
Hinako Tsuwabuki 

Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka
Kotoko Fujioka
Yuzuru Suo
Anne-Sophie Grantaine
Shizue Suo
Yoshio Ootori
Fuyumi Ootori
Misuzu Sonoda
Mei Yasumura
Éclair Tonnerre
Yasuchika Haninozuka
Satoshi Morinozuka
Student Leaders
Kazukiyo Soga 

Original Princesses are welcomed, but you have to come up with a name and background story for them.

If you want a character that’s in the manga, but not on this list [or a character that’s from the anime that’s not on here] just let me know. 

When you “audition” for a role just send me an example of your roleplaying style with the name of the character you wish to take.

It’s that easy! 

Once you’re in the group you will have to create an account for it [not a side blog on your main], give me your email that you’re using for that account so I could add you to the OOC blog! Also, I’d be linking your main account on the character list just so we could all become friends and get to know each other. 

We’d be very happy if you would join! 

We’re all friendly and become really good friends on here. ^^

Friday, May 27, 2011

Come Join Our Host Club!~

Plenty of roles available!

The Ouran High School Host Club is where the school’s most handsome boys, that have too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands! Our host club (founded by Tamaki Suou and Kyoya Otori) has been around for almost  two years and still counting!

Now that you know how the host club came to be, why don’t you meet our hosts?

Our host club and guest!

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